Supported Browsers


Desktop Playback, Content Management, and Administration 
  • Current Release + versions within previous calendar year: Safari, Google Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox (on Mac or Windows)

Mobile Playback

  • Android—last two versions
  • iOS/iPadOS—last two versions

Additional mobile versions are not supported in Qumu Cloud as they have not been tested and certified bug free. 


Pre-installed browsers on mobile devices are tested by Qumu.

Recording and Live Publishing

  • MS Edge and Google Chrome (on Mac or Windows) Current Release + versions within previous calendar year
  • Webcam, AVC video source or video encoder (for recording/live)


Supported Formats

  • We support most common formats for video and audio upload
  • We support slide ingest of PowerPoint files, PDF documents and images
  • Videos can be downloaded from the Qumu Cloud Platform in a variety of formats, configureable to your requirements


For network configuration, please reference the Allowlist and Firewall Requirements.


Please note, this does not mean older versions of Android and iOs will not work with Qumu Cloud. The older versions of both systems have not been officially tested. 


* — Qumu Cloud has not been officially tested on these devices.